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  1. Didn't Break Me Jaclyn Steele 4:00

Hi. I'm Jaclyn Steele.

And I'm .

Welcome to my music hub!  I’m so glad you’re here.  I’m absolutely passionate about music because I believe it is a universal language with the power to connect us all.  Songs have the unique ability to transport us beyond the confines of space and time, and I think, they even have the strength to heal us from the inside out.  That’s precisely why I wanted to create music in the first place and that’s why I’m still creating it today.  Thanks for landing here!  



Didn’t Break Me Music Video (Official)

Behind the Scenes: Didn’t Break Me

If Not Now

Mississippi Sinner Music Video (Official)

Behind the Scenes: Mississippi Sinner

Young Love Acoustic


MUSIC. ENTREPRENEURSHIP. LETTERS TO MYSELF. is my brand hub.  It houses my blog + it exists to be my little satellite call to you all to share my music, business pursuits, + what I find to be, well, worth sharing. Life is best when it is shared + that’s precisely how I intend to live it. Please join me.


Jaclyn Steele is a singer, songwriter, + entrepreneur from Dubuque, IA.  Her love for creating music has led to many cross country moves, competitions, the signing of a record deal, the leaving of a record deal, turning down an audition for the Voice, + the creation of many songs + stories in between.

Her musical style is ever changing + has been greatly influenced by song writing artists like Patty Griffin, Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, Brooke Fraser, + Joy Williams.  Jaclyn has experimented with musical genres like she plays the guitar – with a childlike curiosity + an openness to allow each song to choose it’s own categorical label.

Her 2018 release, The Main Libre Demo, is a compilation of varying songs + styles geared toward deep self expression + musical experimentation.  In a world where money can buy just about anything, Jaclyn challenged herself to get this EP recorded + released with spending as little of it as possible.  She wrote 2 of the songs, co-wrote the 3rd, put in a lot of work-trade hours at the recording studio, designed + created all the graphics, + marketed the EP herself through her branding firm, She did this to encourage others to follow their dreams regardless of budget.

Main Libre means “open hand” in French.  She named the EP that because during the process of creating it, she was reminded over + over that when one keeps an open hand, we allow creativity to flow + the universe to work it’s magic without our interference.

She now resides in Georgia with her husband, 3 dogs, 1 cat, + lots of books.



I’m so not alone in being multi-passionate, but trying to explain what I do at a cocktail hour in one sentence + then hand someone 3 business cards with 3 different websites is too complicated for me.  That’s why I created Jaclyn Steele International. It houses all that is important to me + what I feel might benefit you.  Multiple projects, 1 hub. Simplicity feels so good.

I am passionate about business & Steele International LLC allows me to exercise this passion.  My team and I offer bespoke branding, messaging, platform building, consulting, graphic design, website design, & targeted marketing campaigns.

Everything you need for business growth and differentiation – in one place.


Want to connect?  Shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP.  Have an AWESOME day!